Yakub Menon Fansi Latest News Yakub Menon to Hang on 30/7/2015 Full details Story

Yakub Menon the suspect of 1993 Mumbai blast will be hanged on 30th July 2015. Tata Court said Yakub Menon will be hanged and after that Yakub applied to Supreme court for pardon but Supreme court said that Death sentience by Tata Court is totally right and Yakub Menon to Hang on 30th July 2015. Yakub has also requested President for Pardon but president Pranab Mukharjee has also rejected his request.


Full Story of Yakub Menon/Yakub Menon Family details

Yakub Menon was a Charted accountant by profession. No one knows that a charted accountant can do such thing. An educated man will be involved in these unpleasant things. Here i am sharing some Images of Yakub Menon or Tiger menon. Now these days people are searching that Who is Yakub Menon? yakub Menon kon hai..?u

30th July was Yakub Menon’s Birth day. And Yakub will be hanged on 30th July 2015 at 7 am in morning. ALl the news channel will update all the latest News related to Yakub Menon. If you wants to get updated about each and every thing related to Yakub Menon Fansi on 30th July 2015. Yakub Menon ko Phansi kyun? The answer is very simple has court has proofs that he was the accused of 1993 Mumbai Blast in which a huge no of people has lost their live and property.

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