Who was Adolphe Sax?? Full details about google doodle Adolphe Sax Images Biography

Adolphe sax was the man who have invented Saxophone. Adolphe Sax was the Musician of Belgian. He was born on 6th Nov in Dinant , Belgian. He was a great Musician and Inventor. Google is celebrating his birth anniversary with Google Doodle. Most of us specially Asians are not very much aware about Adolphe Sax and searching that Who is Adolphe Sax? Adolphe Sax Kon hai? Why does he that important ?? What Adolphe has invented? So this article will going to help you as i am going to share some of the unknown and known facts related to Adolphe sax.

Adolphe Sax was very creative since his Childhood. He started playing with and Inventing Musical Instruments in his teenage only. In Early 1840s He Started his own Instrument Workshop in Paris and on those days he has Invented “Saxohorns” lesser known 7-bell Tromebone. Sax became bankrupt for a time period and the reason was fight for the patient right of Saxophone with his competitors in Market. His invented instrument Saxophone was not very popular that time. But after his death Saxophone came in lime light and get its real fame.

Biography of Adolphe Sax:-

Name :-Adolphe Sax

Date of Birth:- 6th Nov 1814

Place of Birth:- Dinant, Belgian

Invention:- Saxophone

Died:- 7th Feb 1894


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