Earthquake in Japan,Delhi NCR Today 30th May 2015 Latest News on Japan Earthquake 2015

After Nepal ,India and China, Japan has felt Earthquake on 30/5/2015. Delhi NCR Felt earthquake on Saturday (30/5/2015). Origin of Earth Quake in India not yet recognized. But Japan Felt a Hit of Magnitude-7.8 Strikes off Japan’s Southern Coast. No life or asset loss has been declared yet. No chances of Tsunami has announced. But we can not what will be the next.


Japan Earthquake 2015 Today Latest News/Updates

After the Disaster By earthquake in Nepal Asia has felt Earthquake many times in the Single Month.  Nepal hit 291 Earthquake from April 2015.Nepal has lost around 8000 Lives and still life hood is very difficult in Nepal. After few Days Today Delhi/NCR hits earthquake on Sat 30th May 2015. Origin of Earth Quake has not defined yet. No announcement of Tsunami made yet and no loss of Live has been reported yet in Japan or nay Part of World. Keep in touch with us to Get Latest News On earth Quake in Japan/Bhukamp in Japan Today.


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