Earthquake Bhukamp in North India Latest News Updates 7.7 Magnitude Center in Afganistan

Today on 26th Oct 2015 (26-10-2015) people again felt a powerful tremor in north India (Delhi,Noida,Jaipur,Chandigarh,Jammu Kashmir,Himachal Pradesh,UP Etc). Earthquake center was in Hindu kush Parvat of Afganistan. Earthquake tremor┬ámagnitude was 7.7. People of North India,just leave their room,office and go in safe place. Due to this earthquake still no any harm. People be careful and dont make rumor. Just leave their room and office when they feel earthquake or Bhukamp. Today’s earthquake power was too much strong. Due to this tremor of earthquake,in Delhi metro service have been affected and telephone lines in down in Srinagar.

Earthquake Bhukamp Updates in Delhi,Noida NCR, News Updates on 26th Oct 2015 :-

Today on Monday at 02:45 pm people felt tremor of earthquake and leave their room office as soon as possible. Scientist check the power of this earthquake on Richter Scale is 7.7. According to US geological survey center of this earthquake was in Afganistan Hindu Kush region.

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