Earthquake Bhukamp Latest News Updates on 26th oct 2015 in Delhi NCR UP Noida

Today on 26th Oct 2015 again people feel tremors of earthquake in the Delhi,Bihar,Jharkhand,Chhattisgarh,Gujarat and North India. Scientist measure on rector scale,magnitude of this earthquake (Bhukamp)  was 7.7. Earthquake center was in Afganistan Hindu Kush Parvat. There is no any damages report by this earthquake,but people afraid by earthquake. Today on 26-10-2015 earthquake time was 02:40 Pm. Earthquake Bhukamp was too much powerful which intensity was in 7.1 magnitude. Delhi Bhukamp Hadsa latest news updates will update on this website after few hours. Nearest countries like pakistan,Afgansitan also felt the tremor.

Bhukamp Earthquake in UP,Delhi NCR Noida Gurgaon News Information on 26th Oct 2015 :-

Bhukamp earthquake again effect in different area of India like Delhi,Noida,Gurgaon.Gaziabad,Faridabad,Uttarakhand,Punjab,Rajasthan,sri nagar,jammu kashmir,mohali,ganganagar,jaipur Etc. People leaved their room,office during this Earthquake effect. Please be alert and if in future you feel tremor of earthquake Bhukamp leave your room and go in any ground. There is no any harm by today’s 26th October 2015 (26-10-2015) earthquake.People be careful about earthquake. We will update more latest breaking news of Bhukamp in Delhi or other cities. At time there is no any loss of people and buildings due to this earthquake.


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