Super Dancer Winner Ditya Bhande Biography Age/Family Images Video of Ditya Bhande

A nine year old Mumbai Girl Ditya Bhande won super Dancer 2016 and made her city and parents proud. Divya Hande has made her parents proud at the age of 9 years when she won Super dancer reality show. As per Ditya she wants to be a famous dancer and than choreographer. Ditya love to eat sleep dance and repeat. Her fans are still confused that Ditya is a girl or boy because pf her tomboyish look. You can watch Ditya Bhande Audition video online and all the dance videos of Ditya bhande on youtube.

Ditya Bhande is a boy or girl?

Ditya Bhande is a Girl however she is tomboyish in nature.

Super Dancer winner Ditya Bhande Wikipedia Biography Caste/Age/Male or female

Full Name- Ditya Bhande

Age:- 9 years

Place of Birth:- Mumbai, Maharashtra


Ditya Bhande Gender:- Female

Nationality:- Indian

Occupation:- Student

Dance style:- Hip-Hop

Ditya won many heart from the very first day of her in Super dancer but her Best Dance performance of Ditya Hande was Babuji jara dhire chalo.

As per Ditya Bhande dance is everything to her. She love dancing and she proved that well.

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