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Zakir Niak the Name is again in news as the attackers of Bangladesh were influenced by him. Dr Zakir Naik a Muslim scholar from Maharashtra has a great following from all over the world. He was in news for his odd statements related to Christianity, Hinduism and all the other religion except Islam. But this time he is in news because the terrorists involved in recent Bangladesh Attack were follower of  Dr Zakir Naik. So you must be searching about DR ZAkir Naik such as Who is Zakir Naik?(Zakir Naik kon Hai?), Zakir Naik ki Family, Family Details of Zakir Naik, Zakir Naik’s House Address, Zakir Naik’s qualification, DR Zakir Naik’s Video, Dr Zakir Nair’s Bhadkau Video, Zakir Naik’s Wife and all the other details related to Zakir Naik so here i am going to share all the Information related to Zakir Naik WIKI in Hindi with you .

Zakir Nailk age/income/NGO/Address Wife of Dr Zakir Naik WIKI

Full Name:- Dr Zakir Naik

Date of Birth:- 18th Oct 1965

Place of Birth:- Mumbai , Maharashtra

Wife:- Farhat Naik

Son:- Fariq Zakir Naik

Daughter:- Rushda Naik

Qualification:-  MBBS from Mumbai

Zakir Naik is doctor by profession but he started giving lectures on Islam and other competitive religion. He has given many lectures in not only India but other Islamic countries also. He presented himself as a modern Muslim which wear suits and speak in English. Dr Zakir has given many awful comments on other religion than Islam. As per his statements  there is no batter religion than Islam, Islam is the only true religion to follow. Zakir Naik owned a TV Channel Peace TV by which he share his thoughts with millions.Zakir Naik is the founder of Islamic research foundation. His son Fariq Zakir Naik is also following him on peace TV.

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Zakir Naik's Son Family pics of Zakir Naik

Zakir Naik’s Details in Hindi Full Story

Dr Zakir Naik’s quotes/ Video and Images about Islam and other religion

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