Top 5 restaurants in Orlando for first-time travelers

Circus, chill spot, home to a chain of restaurants. Movie theatres, circuses, and a hotbed for functions, that’s what you know as Orlando. You might also be forgiven for merely waving the city off as the home of the Orlando magic, remember them? The team that lost Shaquille O’Neil to the LA Lakers and stayed in the bleachers ever since. To depict Orlando, as all of this is not inaccurate in the slightest; however, Orlando is much more than that. The great land is blessed with an array of culinary spots for a tourist and resident alike to sink in their teeth. Without further ado these are the Top 5 restaurants in Orlando for first-time travelers: 

1. King Bao 

Orlando is known for its outlandishness and the ability always to appear larger than life, whether it be through their bouncing castles to the state of the art movie theaters to even the awesome amusement park. This land has never known dull moments. However, is it possible to enjoy all these fantastic destinations while on an empty stomach? Step in, King Bao. This is known around Orlando and even nationwide as one of the top restaurants on show. It combines great customer service with intricate scenery that lives your stomach craving for the first bite. King Bao serves amazing metals from the desert (which feels like a full meal) to sumptuous lunches and dinners. King Bao is particularly adored in Orlando for meals like The Truffle Tots, ice creams, and its famous homemade pizza. Care to take a bite before a long day of sightseeing or working in good old Orlando, why not try the King of Boas? 

2. Black Rooster Taqueria

Black excellence has always been a significant theme in Orlando. Their greatest exports are black come to think of it. The Orlando Magic, Shaquille O’Neil, Dwight Howard. This is both appreciated and, in some cases, adulated. Never much so as in the name of one of the better food spots in Orlando, which goes by the name Black Rooster Taqueria, this rooster was founded to give customers food on the go and create a lasting impression for them to come back some more. So far it has achieved this mantra. Black Rooster Taqueria has awesome dishes ranging from the splendid slow-roasted achiote pork to the magnificent roasted chicken with tomato-chipotle sauce and let’s not forget the indelible chocolate-chipotle flan. These culinary delicacies, however, pale in popularity to the Rooster’srooster’s signature meal, which is the Tuesday Taco, the Taco is so legendary that it has been referenced in songs, spoken off in movies and achieved national acclaim thanks to athletes. Black Rooster Taqueria is certainty a place to check out for all culinary enthusiasts visiting Orlando for the first time. 

3. Ceviche

The Midas touch has never departed Orlando. That’s why it has a thriving movie scene. That’s why its art renaissance looks to be on par with Houston and Chicago. This land prides itself on giving tourists and residents alike the chance to experience magic in every passing moment. Never the more so with Ceviche which is a family-owned restaurant that caters to the culinary desires of both the affluent and middle class, Ceviche has a bouquet of options on its menu, such as the shrimp, the patatas bravas, paella and a set of outwardly works of tummy culinary masterpieces. This restaurant combines lively scenery with also being a provider of the best stomach satisfying dishes in town. It is quite affordable; however, care must be taken as tourists and residents alike have to make reservations well beforehand. 

4. Wine Bar George

Coming to Orlando, a tourist never leaves without checking out Disneyland. One of our favorite TV characters like Mickey Mouse to Donald Duck and Goofy, also the place where world stars like Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilar, and Brittany Spears got their big breaks. Disneyland has loads of fun rides, stories, and historical reenactments to live a tourist quite occupied – and hungry. Do not worry. Right down the street is Wine Bar George. Do not be dissuaded by the name. Wine Bar George is not merely a bar, but it is a family-friendly restaurant that combines quality with quantity. Known for awesome meals like its famed chicken salad sandwiches with house-made chips to its hamburgers and grilled romaine. This restaurant is also well famed for its steak, chicken, and ice cream. Wine Bar George also has a continental bar that ensures tourists don’t get wine sick at any point in the trip. 

5. Se7en Bites

Pastries, good old pastries are the best invention known to hungry men. Just thinking of pastries got my stomach rumbling and mind craving. A good pastry could either serve as a minor desert, and a smart combination can make up a full meal when combined with the right drink. Se7en Bites knows this, and they have a pastry centric menu that gives tourists and patrons alike the ultimate foodie experience. Se7en Bites is known for its buttermilk garlic biscuit topped with soufflé baked egg; the meatloaf sandwich garnished artfully with mashed potatoes and its homemade chicken pie. Se7en Bites proves that it is more than just a mere pastry heavy restaurant, and that makes it an awesome tourist choice for a culinary bite or two.
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