Four must read Books in your twenties that can take you to a different aspect of life

“Twenties” is the time when you are not at all a teenager you behave adult you feel adult, some of you are experienced of relationship wither successful or failed some of you are still naive. Some of you have became understanding wise while some of us are still

childish short temper ,heart broken and worried for the Future. But there is one thing which is latterly common in everyone in their twenties  “enthusiasm for life “. and to make this enthusiasm more enthusiastic we need a friend or advisory or guide to take us to the path where we can meet the true self. But the irony is in this age we don’t find that true friend we can trust upon because we feel humiliated while taking advice and all so we choose safe side and sit at home.

They Say “Books are the Real friend of Man”(Ladies of course you’r  being considered). Let me introduce some of my true friends who helped me in my cries of twenties( Like breakup, career, family, friends) and the best part about them is that they love everyone without and partiality. Spend time with them and they will make you feel loved.

  • The monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma

I read the book when i just after the depression period i faced. I was overweight,not at all me, didn’t have a slightest clue what to do next but somewhere in heart i wanted to get that happening girl again. So i choose to start with this book. It was a difficult start but after reading 10-15 pages i started loving this book. One of the best book written.

  • The alchemist

Ohh, Its amazing just amazing. This book will make you fall in love. This is all about finding your true-self. Everything you want is waiting for you so give your best and leave the rest. Loved this book.

  • The Subtle art of not giving a Fuck

Yes, As the name suggest this book will help you to leave your extra burden behind. It will help you to choose what to give take tension and what you don’t need to give a damm about.

  • P.S I love you

Now you are back with confidence and your true self then take a sip of a sweet love story which introduce you to The true love. Which says that True love never dies it grows,it grows day by day.


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