Flood in Chennai Latest Updates in Hindi Chennai me Badh Latest News Pics/Videos

Chennai is flooded these days. Rain is chennai is not ready to stop. You can not imagine the loss of life and assets in Chennai. Lakhs of people became homeless within few days. No of people has died due to flood in Chennai. Tamilnadu Govt is trying to save the people. Here i am going to share each and every thing about chennai Rains such as Situation in Chennai after Heavy Rainfall, Where to Stay in Chennai these Days, How Indian Army is helping people in Chennai Flood. Chennai me Badh ki News.


PM Modi in Action on Flood in Chennai

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a visit to chennai and see the situation and destroyed life by flood in chennai. He has announced an immediate  1000 Crore Relief package for Chennai. It will be very helpful for people in Chennai.

Twitter and Social Media on Chennai Flood

People on Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook are joining there hand to help people in Chennai. Hashtag Chennai Rains Help trending on twitter and people are asking each other to donate something for chennai. So you also donate for Chennai Rains.

Chennai Rains(Chennai me Badh) full News in Hindi

चेन्नई मे आई बाढ़ की वजह से जीवन बहुत अस्त व्यस्त हो गया है. बाढ़ का पानी ना सिर्फ़ गली मोहल्लो मे बल्कि घरो मे दफ़्तरो मे, स्कूल मे तथा रेलवे स्टेशन एरपोर्ट वगेरह मे भी घुस गया है. जान माल की बहुत हानि हुई है. सरकार वो सेना पूरे ज़ोर शोर से रहट व बचाव कार्य मे लगी है .चेन्नई मे आई बाढ़ की फोटोस शेर कर रहे है हम यहाँ आपके साथ आप इन तस्वीरो मे देख सकते है चेन्नई मे इन दीनो ना रुकने वाली बारिश के कारण क्या माहौल बन गया है. Chennai me Badh ke Baad ki Images, flood in Chennai Pics Latest, Latest News on Chennai Flood, Chennai Flood Helpline no, Channai Flood ki Videos.

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