Simple Rangoli Designs for Dipawali Easy Rangoli Diwali Ganesh Laxmi Ragoli Designs Step by Step

Rangoli is one of the best part of Indian Celebrations. But in these days Rangoli is not only a sign of our broad Indian Culture but it has became an Art. Yes it is an art to draw beautiful Rangoli and give your meaningful massages to this world. On the occassion of Diwali Making Rangoli is our culture and we usually draw Rangoli in our home or work place.See making rangoli by your own is not a Rocket Science and you can easily draw a Lovely Rangoli Design on your home and don’t worry I am going to help you in that. Here i am going to share some of the very Simple and beautiful Rangoli Designs for Diwali with you. So go through these Easy Designs of Rangoli and add more spice in decorating your Home on this Diwali.

How to make Rangoli with simple Rangoli Colors at Home/Rangoli Making Step by Step:-

Rangoli Banane ki vidhi,Rangoli designs with Dots,

  • First of all wipe the place than start Drawing your Rangoli.
  • use different different Bowls for different colors.
  • Keep an Obscure cloth with you to clean your hand up after using every single color.
  • If is it your first attempt or you are not very good at making Rangoli than use Chalk to draw your rough sketch and than put Rangoli color on it.

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School and other institutions organize Rangoli Making Competition or Alpana Making competition. If you have school goings or college going sin your family than they must be searching for beautiful Rangoli Designs for Rangoli Competitions.


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Note:- Make your own Rangoli Designs at your Home and Share your views and Rangoli Designs with us in our comment box. 

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