Rajgir: A tour to beautiful capital of Mighty Magadha Dynasty Bihar

After crossing the hustle of Patna we made a plan to visit The Ancient city Rajgir. Rajgir, situated in South Bihar is a must see tourist destination in Bihar. Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism,Sikhism all these religion have some very important pilgrimage in Bihar. Rajgir was known as Rajgriha time was the capital city of Mighty Magadha Empire. When you enter Rajgir you can see the Ruins of Ancient India. Hills like Songiri, Rajgriha and Udaygiri create many picturesque scenes. Let me list down some must see tourist places in Rajgir.

Tourist Places to visit in Rajgir:-

As my Rajgir visit was a family trip so we decided to see all the temples first. I am listing down best tourist attraction places of Rajgir here and will answer all the FAQs related to Rajgir Tourism.

Brahma Kund of Rajgir is a hot water pond where you can take a bath. The water of Kund is full of minerals which cures many skin problems. As per mythology Brahma has build 22 Kunds in Rajgir. It is believed that if you take a bath on Makar Sankranti in this kund it will shower fortune on you.

After visiting Rajgir your next destination should be Swarn Bhandar Caves. These two artificial caves are build back in 3rd or 4th century. It is believed that these caves a a hidden gold treasury somewhere behind the walls, but not one till the date have found any way to get it.

Rajgir have many small Buddhist and Hindu temples. But you can return from Rajgir without spending few hours at Vishwa Shanti Stupa of Rajgir. Hire a wire car and enjoy the lush green surrounding of Vishwa Shanti Stupa.

Note:- As this place closes in the evening try visiting Vishwa Shanti Stupa In morning or before sunset.

  • How many days are sufficient to cover all the places in Rajgir?

You can cover all the tourist places of Rajgir in a Day.

  • How to reach Rajgir by Train?

Rajgir Railway station has good connectivity to all the popular railway stations of Bihar and you can Trains direct from Delhi to Rajgir.

  • How to reach Rajgir by Bus/own vehicle?

You can take bus for Rajgir from Patna, Gaya or any other bus stand and then can hire Tum-tum/Auto/Private Taxi to see the inner Rajgir.

Writer’s Tip:- As there are no changing rooms for ladies, bathing in Kund can be disappointing for city dwellers.




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