Seven Amazing Benefits of Singhara/Singhare Ka Aata

The best Indian Grain of Singhara is known by the name of Water Caltrop and its Botanical name is Trapa Bispinosa. Singhara can treat all deficiencies in your body. It has multiple health benefits and cures a variety of serious ailments. Learn the right way to take Singhara and its benefits.    

Uses of Singhara and Singhar Flour:

  1. Singhara Gives You Pleasant Taste: The Rotis made from Singhara Atta have a unique taste of their own. Make it a daily habit. For best results use fresh dough.
  2. SInghara an Easy Ayurvedic Remedy to get rid of Mouth Ulcers: Mouth ulcers occur due to poor digestion, stomach problems and increased bile. Singhara extracts has many natural and medicinal properties which gives your body essential nutrition, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 
  3. Singhara is Rich in Protein and Fiber: Singhara provide protein and fiber. It has many natural and medicinal properties.  It is Easy to Digest, as well as Good for the skin. Make these high-fiber Singhara a part of your healthy diet as it will also increase the intake of nutrients. 
  4. Singharas as High Source of Iron: Singhara extracts contains Iron & Natural Nutrients. Singhara is mentioned in Ayurveda to increase hemoglobin particles in our blood.     
  5. If Singhara benefits in Cataracts Treatment: Singhara extracts is a safe to use Ayurvedic remedy that is effective for any kind of eye problem. It is helpful in treating glaucoma or cataract, double vision, color vision, and night blindness. Singhara can improve your vision and even help you get rid of spectacles naturally.
  6. Use of SInghara to get Relief from Respiratory Problems Naturally: Drinking Singhara Juice provides relief in respiratory problems. Singhara extracts is a remedy for all throat diseases that softens and soothes irritated throat tissues, relieves swelling, eliminates hoarseness and unpleasant sensations. 
  7. Use SInghara to prevent Hair-fall: Sometimes when you move your hand on head, Hairs come in hand. It is genetic in some people. Singhara is best for Hair-fall Disorders.  

Singhara Atta Roti/Chapati RECIPE – 

Make Wholesome Chapatis:

Mix 1 cup or 120g Singhara Flour with warm water and make a consistent dough. Let it rest for 20-30 minutes. Form dough balls, flatten them and heat on tawa. 1 cup of atta is sufficient to make 5 standard chapattis.

Products of Singhara

Some commonly used products of Singhara that are readily available at local shops are listed for you:

  1. Halwa
  2. Biscuits
  3. Parantha

List of India’s leading FMCG Brands:

  1. Patanjali 
  2. Khadi India

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