Poker and cricket online learn tactics with us

Poker and Cricket – Together Hand in Hand 

India and cricket are always almost said in the same breathe and the credit goes to the dominance of Indian cricket team in the International cricket. 

Unquestionably, India is growing the sports horizon. After cricket there are many other sports like football, hockey, athletic sports, badminton, etc. Another sport, namely online poker is making its mark in the Indian online gaming market. We know many of you will be surprised to know about poker but it is categorized as a skill game as it needs expertise equivalent to chess. 

But where does poker have similarity to cricket? 

Both need tactics, decisions are needed to be made in split of second, a good judge of character, whether that is judging the pitch you are playing on or the person you are bowling at. 

The beauty of something like Poker is that it does have to be played live sitting in a casino with the real pack of cards these days. Imagine the cricketers playing poker for relaxation in their dressing room. Poker is now played online. And poker online is now becoming more and more popular. 

It isn’t rare to see Poker tournaments all over your television these days, as it’s become a sport not only played but watched, much like Cricket, and it’s enthralling to watch. You can see all the players’ cards, so you can stop working their decisions, question actions and just usually enjoy the high level of skill. It’s a bit that is a huge aid to anybody trying to perk up their game! 

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