National Girl Child Day 24th Jan 2022 Posters/Images Save Girl Child Handmade Posters for School Competition

India celebrates National Girl Child Day on 24th Jan every year. National Girl Child Days is celebrated to appreciate Girl Child Birth, her education and a healthy life style for every girl child in India. National Girl Child Day is observed on 24th January every year. India has a bad ratio of girl child in almost every state and union territory. Haryana has the worst girl child ratio in last census 2011. While Kerala has the best Girl Child Ration amongst all the Indian States.

Central Govt and state Govts has taken many good steps and launched many plans like Sukanya Samridhi Yojna, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Yojna,Ladli Yojna and many other schemes to appreciate girl in all over the country. Besides all these girl child ration is not very good in India. On the day of National Girl Child Day 2022 we would have to take strict actions to appreciate and give happy and healthy life to all the girls in all across the nation.

All the school, colleges, NGOs and political wings celebrates National Girl Child Day. If you have kids or school going children in your Family than You be searching for the Posters for Girl Child Day, you must be searching that how to Make Posters with slogans on Save Girl Child? Than this Article will worth for you, As in this article I ma going to Share some very beautiful Poster on Save Girl Child For School Competition, Beti Bachao Slogans in Hindi, Rangoli designs on save Girl child,Beti Bachao Beti Padho Poster for National Girl Child Day 2022, Save Girl Child Slogans new for Competition.

Slogans on Save Girl Child in Hindi/ English Slogans for Beti Bachao Abhiyan National Girl Child Day Special Rashtriya Balika Diwas Posters with Lines


Beta Beti Ek Saman Beti ko Bhi Dena hai gyan


Beta hai jo kul ka deepak , bitiya rani na hai kam

Bitiya ko padha likha ke doctor, IAS, Pilot Bnaenge hum


My Daughter, My Pride


National Girl Child Day Posters/Slogan Handmade Posters for Save Girl Child

National Girl Child Day Posters handmade with slogans in Hindi for competition

Bikaner: School children take part in an awareness campaign on National Girl Child Day in Bikaner on Saturday.(PTI1_24_2015_000054B)

Save Girl Child Posters with Slogan in English Hindi

Poems on Save girl Child/ National Girl Child Days Poems in Hindi Beti Bachao Kanya Bhurn Hatya Poem Kavita

जो नही रहेगी मातृतवकी देवी तो गोदी मे बिता के पुचकारेगाकौन?
मा की ममता और बहना की जिद्ड़ दिखाएगा कौन?
शामको दौड़ के पानी पिलाएगा कौन?
पापा, मामा,भैया सबके पसंद की खूब परख याद कर खाना खिलाएगा कों?
हर रिश्ते की अरमान ये बेटी ही नही रही तो घर आँगन को महकएगा कौन??


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