Know the story of Kavita Devi WWE Salwar Kameez Wrestler of Haryana

When you strive to chase your dream nothing can stop you. This phrase exactly fits to Kvita Devi the Harayana Based India’s First Women wrestler. Who ever imagined that A women can fight in WWE match wearing Salwar-Kameez? But she did it, she proved that ring matters not the ring attire. Kavita Devi is trending on twitter and other social media platform. A recent fight’s video with New Zealand Based Dakota Kai gone viral on Internet. She fought against Dakota Kai in Salwar Kameez.

WWE is not new for Indian wrestler. Some of the Great Fighter like The Grate Khali and Jinder Mahal has already made their mark in WWE World. But Kavita Devi is the First Indian Women Wrestling. She has made the path for Indian women wrestlers who wants to make it professional wrestling at world level. Kavita Devi is Taking training from Dalip Singh Rana Geberally Known as Great Khali. Let us discuss about some interesting Facts related to Kavita Devi WWE Fighter from Haryana.

Kavita Devi Wrestler Height/age/Husband/Caste/Biography of WWE Fighter Kavita Devi:-

Full Name:- Kavita Devi

Nick name:- Hard KD

Date of Birth;- 1983

Place of Birth:- Haryana

Height:- 175 cm(Approx)

Occupation:- She was a police officer in Haryana and now a professional Wrestler.

Husband:- Gaurav Tomar

Children:- A Son and a Daughter

Achievements:- She is gold medalist in South Asian Games 2016 in power-lifting.


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