IPS Sangeeta Kalia and Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij Verbal Spat Full Details Video

Health Minister of Haryana is in lime light these days, but not for good cause but for his verbal spat with a Lady IPS Officer Sangeeta Kalia. IPS Sangeeta Kalia is working as a IPS Officer in Haryana. So you must be searching for Sangeeta Kalia full details, Sangeeta Kalia Kon hai?, Sangeeta Kalia and Anil vij ki Behas full story in Hindi. They had a spat in a meeting where sangeeta Argued with the health minister of Haryana and Mr Anil vij asked her to leave that place and when IPS Sangeeta Kalis Refused to leave than Vij has left that meeting.

Sangeeta Kalia

After that Spat Vij said that” I will talk to CM for that spat and will never attend any meeting where that lady officer will present. that event caught on the cameras and one of the person present their on Friday has posted a Video in that IPS Sangeeta Kalia is arguing with the Health Minister Anil Vij. Congress general secretary criticized Vij and said this is the arrogant side of BJP.this is not the way to talk with a Lady Officer. On the other hand IPS and socialist Amitabh Thakur came in support of Sangeeta Kalia.

Sangeeta Kalia is a Brave IPS Officer who was working as a SP but transferred for arguing with Health Minister of Haryana.Sangeeta Kalia’s Father was a Painter and she presented her self as a strong Lady officer.Here i am sharing Sangeeta Vij’s Pics and Sangeeta Kalia anil vij Verbal Spat Video.


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