Russian President Putin Latest News Putin’s statement for Terrorist in G20 Summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin is in lime light these days. Vladimir Putin is a very strong personality world wide. He is known for his bold and strong Statements and this time he is in news for his statements related to terrorism in G20 submit. People searching that what Putin said in G20 meeting about terrorism? Vladimir Putin ne kya kaha tha? Vladimir Putin Latest news in Hindi. G20 summit has very successfully held in Turkey. Putin said that he has so many evidence that Terrorist Organisation ISIS is getting support from 450 countries he not yet announce name of those counties or that intelligence report. But he said that those 40 countries including some of the G20 Countries also.

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Vladimir Putin’s Biography:-

Name:- Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

Date of Birth:- 7th Oct 1952 in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Height:- 170 cm

Wife:- Lyudmila Putina

Achievements:- Russian President(2008-2012) and current President of Russia

In these days a Article trolling on Internet that Putin Said”Forgiving Terrorist is totally upon God but sending them to god but send them to him is up to me”. Everyone is admiring his statement on Social Media. Here i am sharing some pics of Putin, Putin’s Family Pic, Putin’s Daughter and son Images, Vladimir Putin Inspiring story and more here.



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