Full Story of Sheena Bora Murder Case- Who is Indarani,Who Killed Sheena

Sheena Bora is the Hottest Topic of the Town these Days, Sheena Bora has been murdered almost three years ago but now she came in lime light. ┬áNow every one is serching that Who is Indrani? Who is Sanjay Khanna? Why Indrani killed her Daughter? who was Indrani’s First Husband and what is sheena’s Father’s Name? Here i am going to share Full story of Sheena Bora Murder Case.

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Full Story of Sheena Bora Murder Case….

Seena Bora has been killed by her Mother Indrani Mukhrjeea and his Ex Husband Mr Sanjeev Khanna. They have Killed her three years ego. They Killed Sheena and disposed her Body in Jharkhand. Police found her body from that Place. According to the facts Sheena was in relationship with Peter Mukharjee’s Son Rahul Mukharjees. Indrani Killed Sheena than try to hide that fact by saying that Sheena has gone to US for her higher studies. Indrani Mukhrjeea is one of the famous and Beautiful Lady of Media World. She made a news after her involvement in her Daughter’s Death.

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Indrani’s Real name was Pari and she was in shillong. She was in a live in relationship with Das and had two children. Than she left Das and married with Kolkata based Business man Sanjay Khanna and had a Girl with him. Now she is married to Peter Mukhrjee Former Star India CEO. Peter said that he was not aware about sheena and her murder. Now Indrani Sanjay and her Driver is in Police custody and lets see what will be decision of our Judiciary System. Here I am sharing some Hot Images of Indrani Mukharjee, Indrani Mukharjee Images Hot.

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