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Annie Besant is the one of the Famous Name in Indian History. Today Google is celebrating Annie Besant’s 168th Birthday with its Doodle. So i guess you must be searching that Who is Annie Besant? Annie Besant Kon hai? ┬áSo here i am going to share full Detail of Annie Besant and her good deeds and contribution in Indian History. Annie Besant was not Indian yes she was a foreigner. But she fight for Indian their Moral rights and Basic Needs such lie education and basic facilities.

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Annie Besant was born on 1st Oct 1847 in London, United Kingdom.She Traveled to India in 1898 and became a face of Women rights in India. She helped to open Central Hindu College and after some she Joined Indian National Congress also. She helped to launch home Rule League campaign for democracy in India. She became president of Indian National Congress in 1917. She fought for Indian Freedom Till her death in September 1933.

Annie Besant was a very energetic Speaker she has given 66 lacture in one day. She wrote any meaning full and good books for Women rites and Indian Freedom. She belongs to U.K But she helped India to get freedom.

Here i am going to share some beautiful Images of Annie Besant, Annie Besant Young Images, Who was Annie Besant, Annie Besant for India Freedom and more with you.

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