What is Li-fi how Li-Fi is better than Wi-Fi full detail in Hindi

What is Li-fi? This is the very genuine question in everyone’s mind these days. So here i am going to tell you about Li-Fi and will try to answer all your questions related to Li-fi such as What is Li-Fi(lifi kya hai?), Li fi In ia? How to use Lifi, Why li fi is better than Wi-fi? and the most important i am going to tell you these thing in hindi also. Means In this Article you can read full information about li fi in Hindi as well.

What is Li-fi?

Well, we all know and fully introduced to Wi fi Internet connection which has made Using Internet Easy and friendly. Wi fi is a wireless Internet Connection which made Internet user friendly.With the help of Wi fi one can use Internet at Restaurant and watch Live match on bed. But now the question is What is Li fi?? Li fi is fully Based on Led Rays.

How Li fi works?

Li fi is working on LED Lights due to their ability to working on LED Lights they it is very fast and light. It is like your remote control with much fast and with more data bandwidth. In future it could be introduced in our Smartphones also.

How Li-Fi is better than Wi fi

Li fi works on LED Light that is it is Faster than Wi fi another thing is that it will be free from Internet traffic load. It has more bandwidth than Wi fi. It is a new concept in India and will take time to be introduced.

Li-Fi Kya Hai?Li-Fi or Wi Fi me antar full details in Hindi

Li Fi तार रहित इंटरनेट सेवा है. यह कई मायनो मे Wi Fi से बेहतर है. यह लेड किरण पे काम करती है जिसके कारण इसकी स्पीड Wi Fi से बहुत फास्ट है तथा इसकी बाँडविधत भी Wi Fi के मुकवाले ज़यादा अच्छी है. तो इंतजार कीजिए की जल्दी ही ये सुविधा आपके स्मार्ट फोन मे उपलब्ध कराई जाए.




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