Toppers’ words on AIIMS PG Admission: Advice and Tips

Toppers Archana and Nidhish share tips to achieve success in AIIMS PG

The toppers of AIIMS, Dr Archana and Dr Nidhish have pointed out the important sections for AIIMS PG which should be focused upon and also mentioned the ways through which they were successful to embrace their goals. The expert preparation tips from toppers help and inspire millions of aspirants to give a shape to their own preparation scheme as it is always better to realize and rectify at the time of preparation and not on the day of examination. It has been observed that many candidates get inspired by the way of preparation adopted by the toppers and accordingly, they also tend to modify their schedule and routine.

Preparing Notes

Dr Archana Sasi who carried the prestigious rank 1 of AIIMS PG Entrance Exam in 2017 stated the importance of making notes to prepare for the examination. Considering the fact that the topics are vast, one needs to prepare in a strategic manner. For this, one can certainly join any renowned coaching center where they will be provided with concise notes which are almost self-explanatory. On the other hand, Dr Nidhish Chandra who secured the rank 1 in JIPMER 2017 shared that he prepared his own notes which were extremely helpful in the eleventh hour.

Time management:

AIIMS PG is a three-hour test which is conducted online. Thus one should have the skills to manage their time and must be well accustomed to the computer-based test. Dr Nidhish Chandra agreed to the fact that it is better to get habituated with the online mode of examination. According to resources, Dr Archana had planned out the probable number of questions she would be attempting in a particular span of time. If a candidate is successful in time management, it is obvious that he or she will get more chance to revise the entire set of questions.

Approach to Questions

Since there will be a large number of questions and a subsequent negative marking for every incorrect attempt, a candidate should have a proper strategy in which he or she should attempt the questions. Dr Archana revealed that she had attempted 197 questions in which she had an estimation that 155-165 questions may be the correct ones. In the examination, the candidate is awarded one mark for each correct answer and -1/3 for an incorrect one, if he or she balances the marking in such a way that his or her ultimate marks are high then the purpose is satisfied. In a similar way, Dr Nidhish confessed that he opted for 150-160 correct questions in his examination.

It is not mandatory that the candidate will know the answer to each and every question, this is why one should have a refined approach towards attempting an unknown question.

Mock Exams

Every candidate should go through the previous year’s papers and they should also opt for the mock tests which are conducted online or by any coaching center. Through this, one should be able to realize his or her state of preparation and the topics he or she should focus on. These tests also make a candidate realize the probable important topics for the examination.


If a candidate is able to revise a number of times, then he or she will be more confident about the topics. For example, Dr Archana revised the entire syllabus twice before the examination which helped her build confidence.

It has been observed that most of the candidates tend to get perplexed just before the examination. According to the toppers, one should be patient at this time and he or she should revise the topics in which he or she is comparatively weaker, this will allow building confidence within the candidate and he or she will also utilize their time. The prominent toppers have also revealed that it is important to sketch a proper schedule for the preparation as the candidates get a span of 8-9 months of preparation time during the first attempt. In a nutshell, it is important to make strategies to execute the preparation in a proper way to ensure that the candidate performs extraordinarily well in an examination.


AIIMS conducts the respective entrance examinations for undergraduate as well as postgraduate level. AIIMS PG provides the candidates admissions to Doctor of Medicine (MD), Master of Surgery (MS) and Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) respectively. This is one of the prominent entrance examinations through which one can get ample opportunities in the several AIIMS, located at various locations across India.

According to resources, approximately 400 seats are provided to the selected set of candidates through AIIMS PG, while out of this, some of the seats are reserved for reserved category, Foreign Nationals as well as candidates who have pursued their MBBS from AIIMS.

Undoubtedly, this entrance examination is targeted by a majority of candidates who have completed their MBBS. The selected students not only get the best institutes to complete their MD, MS or MDS but they also witness a refined system of academics and knowledge in these institutes.

However, to grab a seat in the available lot, one needs to put forward all of his or her efforts as it is definitely not easy to secure a position within 400 when millions of candidates are applying. It is also self-explanatory that the 200 or the 90 questions which are being set for the MD/MS and MDS are not easy to solve, one needs to have firm knowledge about the syllabus as well as the fundamental concepts.


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