Saudi Arab Mecca Hadsa Accident More than 750 People Dead in Stampede During Stoning the Devil Today on 24th Sept 2015

Today on 24th Sept 2015 again in Saudi Arab a accident occurred in which more than 750 people dead and around 900 people injured. At the accident time,pilgrims was stoning the devil in Mina near Mecca Masjid (Mosque). During Bakrid festival,pilgrims was praying to Allah during Hajj. During the stoning the devil (Saitan ko Pathar Marna) stampede (भगदड़ ) occurred. Saudi Arab me Hadsa Mina me latest news in hindi. Due to this stampede huge no of pilgrims affected some dead and some injured dreadfully. Stampede occurred today on thursday (24th September 2015) in Mina near Mecca Masjid. Before few days ago some pilgrim dead due to crane fall on Mecca Masjid. 

After this accident,in Saudi Arab a helpline no is started. You can take information about your relatives by calling on this no.

Mecca Saudi Arab Mina Hadsa Helpline Mobile no – 00966125458000.

This helpline no will work 24×7.

Mecca Masjid Mina Hadsa in Saudi Arab Images Photo Download 

Here i am going to share some Mina Mecca Masjid 24th Sept 2015 Hadsa Photo of dead people and injured people.

mecca mina masjid bhagadar hadsa photo

Saudi Arab Mecca Masjid Mina me Hadsa ka Latest News Photo on 24th September 2015 (24-09-2015) Thursday.

Saudi emergency personnel and Hajj pilgrims stand near bodies covered in sheets at the site where at least 450 were killed and hundreds wounded in a stampede in Mina, near the holy city of Mecca, at the annual hajj in Saudi Arabia on September 24, 2015. The stampede, the second deadly accident to strike the pilgrims this year, broke out during the symbolic stoning of the devil ritual, the Saudi civil defence service said. AFP PHOTO / STR

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