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After Bomb blast in paris one more attack has shocked world. You must be searching that what happened in Mali? Mali me kya Hua hai? Mali Terrorist Attack Full Details, Mali hotel Radisson me attack ki full story in Hindi.So here i gonna share each and every thing about Bomako Attack. Hotel Radisson has been attacked by Jihadis in Mali. around 130 people are still in that Hotel including some Indian Hostages. All rescue team is helping them and protect them. Dozen of hostages had been freed safely but 125 Guest and 13 staffs are still inside. As per forces at least 3 people has been Died. One of the Eye witness said that Jihadis was saying “God is Great” in Arabic. Islamic Terrorist Al Qaeda has taken responsibility by a twitter account but it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Redisson blu pe hamla ki photo

Highlights of Mali Hotel Attack in Hindi Latest News /Images/ Videos.

  • Attackers are fully packed with Guns and other weapons.
  • They started Firing on Guards and saying “Allahu Akbar”.
  • Around 170 people were inside the hotel.
  • At per latest report around 125 Guests and 13 Staffs are still inside the hotel.
  • ┬áIndian Foreign ministry said that around 20 Indian Guests are present there and they are save.
  • At least 3 People has been killed.
  • Rescue forces are helping the hostages.
  • A twitter account claimed that the Attack has been made by Al-Qaida. But not confirmed yet

Some of the News Channels uploaded some Video of Hotel Radisson Attack in Mali here i am sharing Hotel Radisson Attack Images and Photos with you.

Hotel radission attack in Mali

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