Lets Talk About Five Most Controversial Guru of India

After self-made Godman Gurmeet Ram Rahim’ s arrest once again India and the world is debating about the “Babagiri” in India. In my next line i am not intended to hurt anyone’s Feeling but its true that we Indian are still living a life where sometimes or we can say mostly we forget to use our own god-gifted brain and follow these Baba Guru or Gurumaa Blindly. Gurmeet Ram Rahim is not the first who has millions of followers in all across the world and caught Red Handed in frond of Law of state. There were many before him and some of them still have followers and still worshiped by them. So let us Talk about some of the most Controversial Baba/Gurumaa of India. Though the list of Controversial Godman is long but i am sharing the 5 most controversial of them.

 These are the 5 most Controversial Guru/Gurumaa of India

Asharam Babu

Asharam Babu hit the list First. AS i personally know many of his blind followers who were saying that Asharam Babu is innocent point to be noted that the followers of Asharam i know were highly educated. Asharam Babu was convicted for rape and murders his son Narayan Swami is also arrested in charge of Sexually assault.

Swami Nityanand

If you were very use to of TV or reading newspapers in 2010 than you must be familier to this Name. Swami Nityananad was the religious Guru at Bangaluru’s Charitable trust Dyanpith. He had many followers at a very early age. His name came in Media after a controversial video with a Tamil Actress gone viral. He has been arrested for sexually assault her disciple and been on Bail these days.

Baba Rampal

He could be called as All rounder Baba. As he has been charged for treason, murder. His followers went violent when Haryana Police made their effort to arrest him. They stopped the functioning of Railway and other means of Transportation. But Police get into Baba Rampal’s ashram in Sirsa and arrested him. ┬áPolice found death bodies of 5 ladies and a 18 months baby in search operation at Rampal’s Ashram.

Radhe Maa

Radhe maa is one of the most famous and glamorous shadwi. She wear shorts , she dance with her disciples. Radhe Maa came in limelight when her images in Shorts and hugging male disciples in objectionable postures gone viral. but she is still the Godwoman of many of her disciples.Click to know more about Radhe maa controversy.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim

Gurmeet Ram rahim is the latest update in this list. He actually changed the perception of Indian Guru he loves to wear fancy clothes, travel in luxury cars, have a business empire, having a family family including two daughters one son and a adopted daughter Honeydeep Insa. Gurmeet Not only stopped there but he produced and acted in Films also. He has been found guilty in a rape case and convicted in murder case also.

So these were the most Vivadi Baba and i know i will have to add more name soon as we the so called religious Indian are not going to stop following these so Called “Bhagwan” and they will not stop by making us fool.


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