Know more about Bihar Toppers Rubi Rai / Saurabh Sreshtha Family Background Bihar Fake toppers News in Hindi

Bihar State Board is in critical situation these days as Bihar Board Toppers of Science and Arts are proved fake. Both the students presents same college. Bihar Board Arts topper Ruby rai and Bihar Board Science Topper Saurabh Srestha came under question after their interview with a news paper. In that Interview Saurabh said that Aluminium is the highest reactor aliment. And Rubi Ray pronounced political science as “prodical science” and said its is all about cooking. After this interview Bihar Board chairman, Bishun Rai College, Bhagwanpur’s Head both came under suspicion. In there earlier interviews Rubi Rai said that she wants to be a IAS Officer while Saurabh Said that Wants to do MBBS and serve the nation. But after this Bihar Board Inter Toppers Scandal Result it proves that they even don’t deserve or they even don’t know the value of meaning of these professions.

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Bihar Arts Toppers (Fake) Full Details Photos Images Story:-

Ruby Rai Hails from a village near Bhagwanpur District, Bihar. Her father retired from Indian Army. Her mother is a House Wife and Grand father Munshi Prasad Rai is retired teacher. In her earlier Interview she said that she wants to be an IAS Officer. But in her examination she even don’t know about Tulsidas and she haven’t answer a single question asked by panel.

ruby rai fake bihar board topper 2016

Bihar Board Science Topper Saurabh’ s Family Details,College name:-

Saurabh Hails from a wealthy family. His father is renowned contractor of Patna. His father has strong connection with people in power of Bihar. As one of his neighbor said that Saurabh was failed in Inter Exam 2015 and how come that same child topped the stated in 2016? In his earlier Interview saurabh said that he wants to be a doctor and in his re examination he even don’t know some of the very basic knowledge of his subjects.


saurabh-bihar fake topper family background

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