Know more about aptitude tests you can face in a recruitment process

With emerging technology, the nature of existing jobs is changing while the number of jobs is increasing. Indeed it presents opportunities for the youth of the country, it also is producing situations adding the dilemma of selecting one from many career paths. Especially, students studying in 10th or 12th class face difficulties in choosing a career track that is both suitable for them and promises to offer a successful career.

14 Types of Aptitude Tests Student should Know about

The most important tool works here is an aptitude test. Almost all companies hire candidates based on the performance in the test. Similarly, as a student, you can too take help from a variety of aptitude tests to decide on a field you are perfect for based on your skills and personality. Also, you can also check whatever job you are targeting is right for you or not. Unlike earlier time where businesses were more labour-intensive, today’s jobs are more of a mental work. Determining the mental ability of an individual, these tests are therefore useful. Taking an aptitude test after 12th class will save you from any dangerous condition afterwards. The best part is that these are online aptitude tests you can take any time to understand what your desired career future looks like. There’s a variety of aptitude tests. Here’s mentioning some of the top-notch aptitude tests you can face in a recruitment process.  

  1. Numerical Reasoning Test

One of the standard psychometric assessment tests, the numerical reasoning test highlights the numerical capability of a student. In terms of psychology, these tests are helpful to test your correct decision-making strategy.  

  1. Verbal Reasoning Test

Most of the employers use this aptitude test to test a candidate’s conclusion making capabilities through written texts. Students must take the test to check their understanding against analyzing precise results from written materials.  

  1. Mechanical Reasoning Tests

These tests are highly used when it comes to making recruitment for technical and engineering job profiles. Based on mechanical concepts, such tests test your ability to come with the correct answer in a limited interval of time.

  1. Spatial Reasoning Test

This test wants the candidate to remember images, shapes, and patterns and then give answers based on them. Pressurising your mental ability, it examines your ability to rotate or re-arrange pictures in the mind. Technical or military jobs use such tests which are essential to examine your everyday thinking and reacting powers.

  1. Vocabulary Tests

As the name suggests, vocabulary tests give scorecard based on the vocabulary knowledge of a candidate.

  1. Logical Reasoning

Psychometric assessment tests include logical reasoning section testing the problem-solving ability of a student. This is helpful to access the candidate’s skills in interpreting patterns.  

  1. Inductive Reasoning

It measures the ability of a candidate to think analytically and conceptually. Testing your flexibility, it helps you identify and draw solutions from unfamiliar information.

  1. Diagrammatic Reasoning Test

A variety of illustrations are being present in front of a student where he/she has to come up with correct answer based on his observational powers.

  1. Situational Judgement Test

Your critical thinking will be tested here. You have to provide a solution against a workplace scenario. Your ability to judge a situation, think critically, and present solution under this psychometric test will be carried out.  

  1. Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Tests

Testing your critical thinking, this test is considered for the position of the professional and managerial level. You need to apply logic to derive a better clarity on questions given.

  1. Mental Arithmetic Tests

This can help you to analyse your basic numerical ability. The twist is to perform well under pressure with speed.  

  1. Word Problem Tests

These are Math word problem tests which offer you questions to check your visualization ability, reading comprehension skills, and numerical ability.   

  1. Cognitive Ability Test

This test covers sections like numerical, verbal, mechanical and spatial reasoning analysing your competency and suitability for a role.

  1. Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests are highly used in the process of recruitment. It basically tests the personality, skills, and intelligence of a candidate along with checking their suitability for a job.  

Take any of the interesting tests and check your skills easily. Most of the aptitude test results also provide career choices suitable for you. These will help you decide on your future.

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