Hardik Patel Sex Video goes Viral on Internret -Real of Fake

Gujarat Reservation Fame Hardik Patel has came under question as a video clip has gone viral on internet. Yes a sex video of guys and Girls has been posted on Youtube in that a Guy is look alike of Hardik Patel. This video has been uploaded on You tube. We don’t verified it as its is Hardik Patel or not. But the Guy in this Group Sex Video is a look alike of Hardik Patel. So can watch this Hardik Patel Group Sex Video on You tube and decide wither he is Hardik Patel or Not.


Hardik Patel came in lime light after his Raily in Ahmadabad Gujarat. He is the leader of that group which is asking for Reservation for Patels under OBC cota. Shiv Sena called Hardik as Hero of Gujarat. He has been supported by many people and Political Party. But only future will say that Gujarat’s Pattedars means patel will get reservation or not.?

We all know that Hardik Patel beacame popular beause of his moment. But now a Group sex Video has been uploaded on you tube in which that guy is looking like Hardik Patel so people are searching that is the Man in video is Hardik Patel or truth behind Hardik Patel’s Video(Hardik Patel ke sex video ka sach)you can watch Hardik Patel ki Sex Video on you tube. and than Decide the truth of that Video of Hardik Patel.

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