Halloween 2015 HD Wallpaper Images Wishes in English Halloween Photos for FB/Whats app

Happy Halloween to all of you. Are you not aware that when is Halloween 2015? Than Guys Halloween will be celebrated on 31st Oct 2015. Halloween mainly a western culture festival which is getting popularity in India Also. Now most of the Indian are searching that Why do we celebrate Halloween? Halloween kya hai? Halloween q Manaya Jata hai? Than here i am going to share all the information related to Halloween festival which is celebrates in UK, USA, Australia etc. Halloween is being celebrated on the last of Oct Month after this month weather changes and we welcome Winters. Christens beliefs that On this day so Many evil spirits roams around that is why they dress up like witches, ghost and make bad noise so that those bad spirit will get confused and will not use human body for as there home.


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Happy Halloween 2015 Wishes in english

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