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Vishakha Singh Slaps abusers on Facebook for Vulgar Comments


Recently Vishakha Singh was in News for her reply to some abusers. Fukrey Actress Vishakha Singh gives it Back to Abusers on her Facebook Fan page. Vishakha has uploaded a photograph of her in White t-shirt with written “Everybody is somebody’s foreigner” on it.  She got many Likes and and nice comment on that pic of her.One of her Fan has commented “Thought is worth but position regard us Tharki.” Than Vishakha replied thatWell, Vikas Singh. You look educated. Where do you think a quote on a T-shirt be? Shoulders? Arms? Stop making such juvenile comments. If you derive childish pleasure out of the fact that it’s on the chest area, then God help women and women safety issues.“. but that was not the limit as one another of her Fan has Commented “Nice looking, and nice b**s” and her reply was Mr MD Mustakim Saifi, 1) remove that innocent child’s picture as your dp. 2) have the guts to put your own profile picture . And then comment. 3) Nice b***s. I know i am a woman.. And for your general knowledge, Yes, All women have breasts. Your mother, sister, wife, grandmother, aunts, daughter, friends. All of them included. Do you walk up to them and say ‘nice b***s’? Feel sorry for you. Have the guts to say it on my face?? Else, get off my page. These comment and that Photograph of Vishakha goes viral on Internet in such minutes. Many of her fans supported her and praise her for her quick reply to those abusers.

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Vishakha Singh has played many roles in South films before coming in Bollywood. She has made her Bollywood debut in fukrey. Vishakha has born in Abu Dhabi, United Arab emirates. here am going to share some beautiful Images of Vishakha Singh, Vishakha Singh Wallpaper, Vishakha Singh Hot Images, Vishakha Singh Sexy Photos with you.



These are some of the Cute and Hot Images and Wallpaper of hot and Sexy Actress Fukrey Actress Vishakha singh. I hope you have liked the Cute Images of Viskha singh.











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