Easy Handmade Eid Mubarak Card Designs Simple step by step how to make Eid Mubarak Cards for Kids

Hi all, Eid is near and we all are preparing to have a blast on this eid. Eid the festival of Love and brotherhood. People exchange sweets, Sewain, And greeting cards on Eid. Shops are full of latest Eid Cards but try something new this year make a Happy Eid Card by your own on this Eid and make the festival Mubarak in a Different way. So hare i am going to share Eid Card Making Idea with you. 

How to make Eid Greeting Card at home step by step with pictures so that the process of making Handmade Ramjan Mubarak card at will be easy for you. Before starting you can to organise some materials to make your Eid Mubarak card at home beautiful so collect the listed down materials and than start.

  • We need some paper it can be plain or colored, texture as per your design.
  • We need paper cutter or designer sizer.
  • Now we need Glu/Gum/or Fevicol to paste.
  • We need colors(Water colors or any other color as per your suitability or design)
  • Add some marker pens/sketch pens and glitter pen in your check list as it will help you to write massage beautifully in your card.
  • We can add pearls,stones to make our Eid Mubarak Card attractive.

After checking out this list we can start. So first of all place a clean news paper on the floor and start your cutting and pasting work on that only to keep your card clean and beautiful.

  • Fold the paper and cut the card as per your desired shape.(Here i have shared some designs of Eid Mubarak cards to help you.) See those designs and than start.
  • Paste all the paper cutting shapes on card carefully.(use appropriate quantity of Gum as more amount of Glu can make your card sticky.)
  •  Now fill colors your card.
  • Paste Stones and pearls as per designs on your card.
  • Let it be drain and than write a sweet massage on your Eid Mubarak Card Gently.

Simple Eid Mubarak Card Designs/ Images of Handmade Eid Cards for Kids/Handmade Eid Mubarak Cards in 3D Handmade Cards

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Share Eid Card made by you with us in our comment Box we will publish your Cards Image on our Page. Happy Eid.

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