Easy Alpona Designs Simple and beautiful Alpana Designs for Kojagara Puja Laxmi Puja Alpana Design

Happy Kojagari Puja to all of you. Bangali Laxmi Puja is lknown as Kojagari Puja also. So this is time to celebrate Laxmi Puja just After Durga Puja and you all know that Laxmi Puja KOjagari Puja is completed without making beautiful Alpona Design in your Aangan and Puja Ghar. Alpona or Alpana is special kind of Rangoli designs specially made by east Indian or North East Indians on special occasions.Some of us think that Making Alpona Designsis a difficult task but guys here i am going to solve your problem by sharing some of the beautiful and easy alpona designs for this Bangali Laxmi Puja 2015, Arpan Designs easy and beautiful.

Easy Alpona Designs 2015 for Kojagari Pujaalpana designs easy

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kojagari-Lakshmi-feet-alpona-bengal easy steps

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Easy Alpona designs for kojagara puja 2015

kojgari puja alpona designs 2015

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