Earthquake Bhukamp in Nepal,Bihar,Delhi NCR on 12th May 2015 Latest News Update 50 People Died in Nepal

Today on 12th May 2015 in Bihar,Delhi NCR,Jharkhand,Nepal again people feel the tremors (Jhatka) of Earthquake Bhukamp at 12:38 pm. This earthquake was mainly in Arariya,Chapara,Jalpaiguri,Kishanganj,Saharsa and Supaul,Patna. Due to this earthquake there is no any loss. Still people of Bihar,Nepal is not feeling safe,they all are so feared about Bhukamp. Today’s on 12th May 2015 the earthquake was of 7.3 magnitude. Before this from Nepal to north India,earthquake was destroyed so many lifes and assets. Till today in Bihar around 57 people dead and approx 173 people injured. Since two days people of India and Nepal are so feared about Bhukamp. In bihar max people dead from East Champaran and that is 11 people.

Earthquake Bhukamp Latest News in Bihar,Nepal,Delhi,Gurgaon on 12th May 2015 at 12:38 pm :-

Today again people feel the strong tremor of Bhukamp Earthquake in Nepal and North India. Still people are not safe, always time to time earthquake attacks. Due to today’s Bhukamp no any life and buildings has been destroyed. If you are feeling any tremor of earthquake leave your room office and go at open place. Earthquake center was again in Nepal. In nepal Kathmandu strong tremor feel. On rector scale earthquake magnitude was 7.3. Beside this earthquake feels in Chhatissgarh,Gujarat and more place of North India.

Updates –  Due to Today’s earthquake in Nepal more than 50 people dead and around 2000 people dead. In UP and Bihar around 100 people injured.

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