Bruce Lee Biography Full Details in Hindi Bruce Lee wife Family & death Mystery

Bruce Lee was the King of Martial Art world. He was an American Actor, Martial Artist and philosopher. He was the son of great American Singer Cantonese Opera Star Lee Hoi Chuen. He has many fans in all around the World. He  was founder of Jeet Kune Do. Bruce Lee Married Linda Emery. Later she was married to another persons after bruce lee’s Death. Bruce Lee was renowned for his passion and amazing skills of Martial Art. But at very young age he has been died. His death is still a Mystery for the world. No one knows how Bruce Died whether it was a destiny death or planned murder. Everyone has different view on Bruce lee’s Death. Here i am going to share some unknown facts related to Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee Images, Bruce Lee Family Details, Bruce lee ki Pics, Bruce Lee Death Full Details.

bruce lee ki wife

Bruce Lee Biography in Hindi Full Details:-

Name:- Bruce lee

Date of Birth:- 27th Nov 1940

Died:- 20th July 1973

Wife:- Linda Emery

Parents:- Lee Hoi-Chuen

Children:- Bradon Lee, Shannon Lee

Here i am sharing Bruce Lee Family pics, Happy Birthday Bruice Lee Pics and Wishes for Bruce Lee. I think now you got your answer that who is Bruce lee? Bruce Lee Kon Hai?



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