Best Dog breeds in India for beginners

Dog, The best friend of a man or woman is getting popularity among Indians especially youngsters. City life, busy schedule, Nuclear family has made petting dog very popular these days. If you want to be a dog parent but curious that what dog breed is easy to handle for a beginner in Indian climate then this blog is for you. I am going to list down Dog breeds those are adaptable to Indian Climatic conditions and and best dog breed in india for beginners.

Top Dog Breeds in India for First time Dog Parent

Golden Retriever



They are family Dog and of the best dog breeds for beginners. They are affectionate, easy to train, loving and active Dogs. Their cuteness, gentle behave will make you fall for your dog companion again and again.

Labrador Retriever 

Labrador is most recognised Dog breed in India. They are the most friendly, family dog. They are loyal and very attentive which makes them decent guard dogs. They do not demand high maintenance and they are easy to be friend with. If this is first time you are planning to adopt a dog, labrador would be the best choice.


Pug is popular as Vodafone dog in India. This dog breed is small and very cute dog. They are amiable and easy to train dogs. But they are not good for guarding your home.



Greyhound considered to be handsome and good looking dogs. They can be easily assimilated in your family. They do not need much grooming and are very well behaved.


Pomeranian are the cutest lapdog. They are very active and friendly. Pomeranian are very suitable for cities especially for small apartments. They also need no grooming except occasional brushing.


This cute dog is very active and loves to play with its owner. They look very cute and need regular brushing to their beautiful long hair. Papillon are friendly and easy to train.


Boxer is very enthusiastic and energetic dog breed. If you are into fitness then get this dog your home they will make you walk and run after them a lot. As they are small they are good for small houses and apartments.

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