26th Oct Bhukamp Delhi/NCR Pakistan Bhukamp on 26/10/2015 News Images Video

Have you felt earth quake today on 26th oct 2015? Yes Delhi/NCR, Bihar , Uttar pradesh and Pakistan felt Earth quake on 26th Oct 2015 at around 2:40pm. People came out from offices and houses as the speed of Earth quake was very high. Delhi me bhukamp ke jhatke mehsus kiye gye 26th oct ko.

As one side all east India is celebrating Lakshmi Puja kojagara Puja today but all frightened when they felt earth quake. So every one has started searching 26th Oct Bhukamp News, Bhukamp in India today news latest, Earthquake in delhi on 26th Oct 2015. Not Only Delhi NCR but full north India fest earth Quake bhukamp. Bhukamp in Pakistan also scaled today at 7.7 Richter scale.

bhukamp 26th oct 2015
Here i am going to share some images of Bhukamp in Delhi,Bhukamp on 26th Oct latest News Images, 26th Oct Bhukamp in Pakistan Images. Kya 26th Oct wale Bhukamp me nuksan bhi hua hai? Bhukamp ki videos latest on 26/10/2015.Here i am sharing 26th Oct 2015 Bhukamp in J&K.

Some of the News Channels of Pakistan and India has already updated that no loss has been registered yet and we hope that all will fine. It was a horrible experience for all of us as only few months back Nepal felt Bhukamp and every one was very scared today also. But remember don’t run anyway just take safety tips in Case of Earth Quake or Bhukamp.

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