Sheena Bora Murder Case-Who is the real Culprit Full Details Story

Sheena Rora Murder case is in lime lights these Days. It is said to be a case of Honour killing. Cops saying that Seena has been murdered by her Sister turned mother Indrani Mukerjea. Seena Bora Murder Mystery was very different. People are searching that Who is Sheena Bora(Sheena Bora Kon hai)??Full Story of Sheena Bora. Here i am going to share about Sheena Bora Murder Mystery.Latest Updates on Sheena Bora Murder Case.


Sheena Bora Was Killed in 2012 but now she is lime light Now.Her Mother Indrina has declared her Sister but Sheena was Indrani’s daughter by her first Marriage.Relation of Indrani Mukrejea and Seena Bora is very difficult to understand. When Indrani got married to TV Anchor Peter Mukrejea she said that Sheena is her younger Sister and not daughter. Indrani Mukerjea has three children one of the Sheena Bora who was leaving with her grand Parent n recently shifted to his mother Indrani. Sheena has a Affair with his step brother Rahul Mukrejea. Indrina Murdered Sheena in 2012 with help of her ex Husband Khanna and said to every one that Sheena is in US for her Higher Studies. Here i am sharing some pictures of Indrani and Sheena and their Family Tree. Indrani Mukrejea Pics and her life.



Sheena was in relation with Rahul Mukrejea, Son of Peter Mukrejea. This are some pics of Sheena Bora with Rahul Mukrejea. Now the question is why Indrani killed her own daughter.



Indrina’s Son and Sheena’s Brother Mikhail Bora Said that He has evidence that why Indrina Killed her Sister Sheena??


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