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Onam is a Hindu Festival celebrated in South Indian Specially in Kerala. If you are from Kerala than you must be aware that Onam is totally incomplete without Pookkalam in your Home. See creating Pookkalam is not too easy but its not too difficult if you are going to follow the instruction given below. Here i am going to share some of the Very Easy as well as beautiful Onam Pookkalam Designs with you to, now you can choose any of those and try at your place.

How to create a Beautiful Pookkalam at Home Step by step:-

  • ┬áThere i s a bit difference between Rangoli and Pookklam . Rangoli is mainly drawn by colors but Kerala Pookkalam is being created by flowers.
  • Add some fresh Flowers of Different colors in different different baskets.

It is easiest Pookkalam Design it need only some flowers and but see it is really beautiful so try this Pookalam Design if you have shortage of time or don’t bother to work hard on this Onam. Best Pookalam Desigsn for Onam, Onam Pokalam Designs easy, Simple pookalam Designs, How to make Onam Pookalam at home,Onam Pookalam Pencil Designs, Pencil sketch of Onam Pookalam, Latest Pookalam Designs Images,Onam Pookalam designs with theme new, Pookalam designs for competition.

Printable-Coloring-Pages-of-Mandalas onam pookalam pecil sketch

Very Easy Onam Pookkalam Designs Simple and beautiful

Hey Try this one The King Mahawali Pookkalam Designs.

Onam Pookalam Images Raja Mahabali Pookalam Degins

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