Mina me Hadsa:- Hajj Pilgrims Died in Mecca Stampede In Mina 24/9/2015

As all over the world is going to celebrate Bakrid . Eid Al Adha and all are very happy for this festival. But the Bad News is that in this Hajj Season Mecca has hit with one another accident after Crane Accident in Mecca stampede has accrued during throwing stones to devil. You must be searching that what happened in Mecca? Mecca me aaj kya hua h? Mecca Mina Hajj Pilgrim Hadsa Full Details and all. So here i am going to share each and every information related to Accident in Mina, Meeca, Saudi Arebia. 

According to reports every thing was going smooth until throwing stone to devil. Saitaan ko Patthad Marte Waqt Achanak Bhagdad Mach Gai . Mina which is also known as Tent City it is specially for Hajj Pilgrims has became a place where so many people are crying and more than 100 pilgrims has lost their lives at Mina , Mecca. Haaj me Bhagdad ki Photos. Here i am going to share some pics of Saudi Arab Hajj Hadsa 29th Sep 2015, Hajj hadsa 29th Sep 2015 pics. Saudi Arebiya Hadas 24/9/2015 full details. Khana Kaba Hadsa is a shock for every hajj pilgrim as they never ever imagine for such a big accident at Mina, saudi Arebiya.

mecca stampede 2015

Mina Accident 29th Sep 2015, Saudi Arab me Durghatna 24th Sep more update will be available soon on the same website. We pray god to help them all.


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