Eco Friendly Diwali HD Wallpaper Images Pollution Free Diwali Posters Slogans in Hindi

Happy Diwali to all of you. Diwali is the festival of lights than why we are wasting our money on Crackers. So let us make diwali pollution free by saying no to Crackers. Celebrate pollution free Diwali and decorate our House with Diyas and Candles, Lights and beautiful Rangoli. But say no to crackers. Spread this massage of Happy Eco friendly Diwali in your Family and friends by sharing these beautiful Wallpaper of Cracker free Diwali, Eco friendly Diwali Images with Message for Whatsapp and Facebook/.

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Anti Crackers Slogan in Hindi/Pollution free diwali slogans quotes in hindi/English

Is Diwali de naya uphar, Prayavaran ko haryali ka shringar

patakhe nahi chalayenge, Shapath le lo khud is baar


Ye dharti hai maa hamari ,hame hi ise bachana hai

Ab se har diwali hamne, pathako rahit manana hai.


Have some sweets,Have some Toys , have some cheers

But please don’t buy crackers , on this Diwali my Dear



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