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Chhath Maha Parv has been started with Nahai Khai Puja which has been done by all the devotee on 18th Nov 2020. The Nest and very Important day of Chhath Puja is celebrated as Kharna Puja. Kharna Puja is the Second Puja of the 4 Day Festival Chhath Puja. Some of you must be searching for Chhath Kharna Puja Vidhi in Hindi,How to celebrate Kharna Puja in Hindi, How to Prepare Kharna Puja kheer, How to Prepare Kharna Puja Sohari and other details related to Kharna Puja of Chhath Mahaparv.

Chhath Mahaparv 2015 Kharna Puja celebration Images/HD Wallpaper/Wishes

Kharna Puja Kheer Images

Kharma Chhath Puja Prasad Images

Kharna Puja Celebration in Bihar HD Images, Wishes of Chhath Kharna Puja 2020 in Bhojpuri, Kharna Puja Maithili Wishes.Kharna Puja Is being celebrated with bhog of Kheer and Sohari. Now the question is what is sohari? Sohari is a Chapati / Roti of hand made wheat by grains and special thing about sohari that it is prepared in Kadhai Not Tawa. And Kharna Ki Kheer is prepared with Gur(Jaggery).Kharna puja vidhi Chhath Puja




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