Blast in Paris today 14/11/2015 Paris Bomb Dhamaka Hamla full story updates in Hindi

The City of Love Paris is all around with blood and Blood.I must say that you are searching that Paris me kya Hua hai? What Happened in Paris? Paris Bomp Blast full news. Paris me Bomb Dhamaka ki full updates in hindi. So dear here i am going to share all the details related to Paris Bomb Blast Latest Updates, France me Bomb Dhamaka and Firing ki puri story, Paris me Atankwadi Hamala. As Capital city of France has been attacked by some terrorists. AS per new updates more than 160 people has been died in Paris Blast today on 14th Nov 2015. As per reports many people are still missing. As per an eye witness “There were lot of Dead bodies..Its horrific.” Paris is known for its beauty and beautiful atmosphere but a Bomb Blast has made that City cry. Every one is crying and searching for his love ones.

paris me bom dhamake ki pics paris terror attack

President of France has announced Emergency in Paris. All the Forces of France taken in Charge and they are helping those people as much as they can. AS per Reports all the terrorist has been died two of them were suicide bomber and two shot himselfs and one has been killed by police. France blast was a serial Blast and shooting by the terrorist they destroyed a Stadium in Paris where people were enjoying Football Match.AFter that some of Restaurant of Paris and Theatre. Paris Golabari and Dhamake me Karib 160 log mare gye. Savi Atakvadi Mar Diye gye ha or Rahat Karya Jor Shor pe hai. To get more Updates on Bomb Dhamaka in Paris, Paris Bomb Blast Images, Photos of france me Dhamaka, Paris Bomb Blast ki pics, Paris Bomb Blast video captured by Eye witness with you.


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