Siachen Survivor Hanamanthappa Full Details Hanaman Thapa Story Family Images

Haanamanthappa who have Died after his battle with his death Today at RR Hospital Delhi. Hanman Thapa was on duty at Siachen Glacier when a Ice Storm came and attacked and killed 10 Indian soldiers. But Hanumatthappa survived 6 days in -40 Degree Temperature under Snow. Rescue Team find Hanumanthappa Alive and sent him to ARmy RR Hospital New Delhi. Where Doctors gave their best to save his life but unfortunately Hanumanthappa left us today morning. Prime minister Modi visited him in hospital when he was fighting with for his life. You must be searching that Who is Hanmanthappa? Hanuman Thapa Kon hai? Hanuman Thapa Family details and all so here i am going to share Hanmanthappa’s Story in Hindi and English as well.

Hanman thapa's family

Hanmanthappa’s Story in HIndi, Hanumanthapa Kon Hai Family Details

लॅन्स नायक हनमंतापा कर्नाटका के एक छ्होटे से गाओं के रहने वेल थे. हनमन थापा मद्रास रेसिमेंट से नायक है. हनुमंत थापा के परिवार वालो के अनुसार दो दिन पहले ही उनकी हनमंट ठप्पा से बात हुई थी तथा अगले एक महीने मे उनकी सिअचेन की ड्यूटी का कार्यकाल पूरा होने वाला था. सियाचिन का तापमान -40 डिग्री तक होता है ऐसे मे हमारे वीर सैनिक फिर भी देश की रक्षा के लिए अपनी जान को दाव पे लगा के पहरा देते है.

Here i am going to share Lance Nayak Hanmanthapa’s Images in HD. Lets salute brave Indian Soldier Hanumanthapa by sharing his Pics and pay him homage.

lance nayak hanumanthappa pics in HD

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